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Our Projects

Other Projects

# Applied Place City/Country
1 Emerald Cay De Slvestry Miami; USA
2 Jumeriah Beach Residence Dubai; United Arab Emirates
3 Dubai Abubabi Sheikh’s Assembly Building Dubai; United Arab Emirates
4 Köstence Airport Köstence; Romania
5 Turkish Republic Ministry Of Energy And Natural Sources Builing Ankara; Turkey
6 Hilton Hotel İzmir; Turkey
7 Forum Çamlık Shopping Mall Denizli; Turkey
8 Richmond Hotel Denizli; Turkey
9 Pamukkale University Denizli; Turkey
10 Urhan-Evran Business Center Denizli; Turkey
11 Magic World Hotel Antalya; Turkey
12 Hierapolice Hotel Denizli; Turkey
13 Kiriş Hotel Antalya; Turkey
14 Kitis Hotel Antalya; Turkey
15 Samara Hotel Bodrum; Turkey
16 Karacabey Hotel Bodrum; Turkey
17 Garden Offsun Hotel Aydın; Turkey
18 Solara Hotel Aydın; Turkey
19 METU Teknokent Computer and Informatic Skills Managment Building
20 METU Teknokent Simulation and Scients Building
21 Turkish Cencus Bureau Headquarter Ankara; Turkey
22 Ramada Plaza Hotel Ankara; Turkey
23 Orange Flower Walley 39 Story Orange Flower Residances Ankara; Turkey
24 Ankara Sincan Court House Ankara; Turkey
25 ODAK-ODOFF Headquarter Libya
26 QATAR Embasy Syria
27 Seğmen Residences Ankara; Turkey
28 Abdulrahman ALJASMI Residence Bahrain
29 Fi Yapi FI TOWER PROJECT Esenyurt İstanbul; Turkey
30 Fi Yapi FI Life PROJECT Esenyurt İstanbul; Turkey
31 Zorlu Center Residence and Shopping Mall Project İstanbul; Turkey
32 Tekden Hospital Denizli; Turkey
33 Erpa Hospital Denizli; Turkey
34 Boutique St Sophia Hotel İstanbul; Turkey
35 Kentpark Shopping Mall Project Ankara; Turkey
36 Lancaster Buildings Manchester; England Manchester; England
37 Ridgefield House Manchester; England
38 Herry Clothing Stores Different Cities Turkey
39 Ramada Hotel Tekstilkent İstanbul; Turkey
40 Caratpark Hotel Taksim İstanbul; Turkey
41 Park Bosphorus Hotel İstanbul; Turkey
42 Fenerbahce Incek Social Facilities Ankara; Turkey
43 Ipek University Ankara; Turkey
44 Ege Residence Ankara; Turkey
45 Enka Villa Project Moscow Moscow; Russia
46 RB&Grill Liverpool; England
47 Assilla Tower Riyadh; Uae
48 Sohar Project Jeddah; Sae
49 Dosi Hotel Ankara; Turkey
50 Presidential Palace Ankara; Turkey
51 Titanic Berlin Hotel Berlin; Germany
52 Odak Hospital Denizli; Turkey
53 Ankara Construction Avrupa Konutlari Ankara; Turkey
54 Twiga Hotel Pointe Noire Congo
55 Golden Sawoy Hotel Bodrum; Turkey
56 IC Construction Mivara Hotel Bodrum; Turkey
57 Mandarin Oriental Project Bodrum; Turkey