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What Can We Do ?

Discovery of natural stone, cut to size, surface treatment, custom production, after-sales support

ebatlı mermer Marble Sizing

Making a difference in the sector with its new generation technology, Tümaş Marble can cut in any size and suitable for any project with precise cuts.

mermer blok Marble Block

While Tümaş Marble continues to make new investments thanks to its efficient, high production capacity quarries in Turkey, it is among the largest in the world.

yüzey işlemi Marble Surface Treatment

Tümaş Marble, which has a wide range of products, makes a difference by applying all kinds of standard and customer-specific surface treatments to marble with its quality, production success and advanced technology.

özel üretim Special Production Marble

We produce quality marble for your special designs and projects with the advanced technology we have.

destek After Sales Support

We provide our customers with pre-sales product suggestions and recommendations for their needs. We provide maintenance suggestions, support services and re-supply of products in case of need after sales.