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About Us

About Tümaş Marble, the choice of Turkey and the world in the natural stone sector

Tümaş  Turkish Marble Company high-quality marble manufacturer, producer, and exporters in turkey physically established in Turkey. At its peak, the company employed several thousand people in Denizli province to be considered the first choice in its sector for both domestic and international markets with its products. Locally, headstones were being made from outcrop as early as 1986 The first commercial quarry was opened in 1986 with a passion and love for the marble industry to be a leader Turkish company in extracting, producing and exporting the high-quality marble in addition to a competitive and economical price.

The high quality of extracted natural stones reflect beauty of their origin as we aim to become a leading brand in Turkey and all over the world in natural stone sector In the course of its life, Tümaş the Turkish marble suppliers. Marble Company acquired rights to all the marble deposits in Turkey to become the giant of the industry and the best marble companies in turkey. We ensure quality, reliability and high tech manufacturing facilities used in quarries and factories. Tümaş creates permanent places with its wide product range, well-tailored stone materials for project, solutions, and sensitivity in stone processing and adorn the futuristic places with past motifs and introduces natural stones preserving their purity.

Tümaş Marble continues its investments and increases its production capacity while supplying materials for many domestic and international construction projects Exhibits include early photographs, samples of many products and rich with information about the evolution of the Tümaş marble Company. Learn about owners, investors, innovators and the hard working people that quarried and moved huge slabs and produced everything for the love and passion of the industry