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Quality Policy

Our quality policy in the field of manufacture and sale of natural stone-marble products

Our customer satisfaction is our core principle. The reason why, an adaptation of our quality management systems and regulatory requirements to match our customers’ expectations, without compromising from any detail. A flawless production process and timely deliveries are the main constituents of our policy on quality, in addition, to provide quality products, environment protection, human health and safety in all the production process we use and all the business.We handle with our well-educated employees in order to be a wanted company in our sector; guarantee the conformity of all our processes with customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and standards; and continuously improve ourselves by keeping our quality at the highest level.

Tümaş Marble Ind. conducts customer briefings on our product ranges, along with flawless production and timely deliveries. We adopt on-going improvement in all our business. We organize and hold on-going training instructions for the qualification of our staff. We arrange for the best quality at an optimum price with our suppliers of raw materials. Our brand symbolizes our quality and this is the signature we set for the future.